Our Programs

Arivu focuses on providing holistic support to persons with Autism, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other disabilities. This is achieved through individualised, comprehensive programmes. These interventions facilitate independence, social interaction, cognitive growth, and communication skills.

Investment in Early Intervention and Prevention services has been strongly encouraged by central government for some years, supported by an increasing evidence base that demonstrates that Early Intervention both works and is cost effective.

  • Effective intervention includes you and other family members so you can work alongside the professionals and learn how to help your child
  • is flexible – it can be offered in your home as well as in other settings such as kindergartens and early intervention centres
  • is specially designed for children with disability
  • has staff who are specially trained in the intervention and services they provide
  • develops an individual plan for your child and reviews the plan regularly
  • tracks your child’s progress with regular assessments
  • is highly structured, well organised, regular and predictable
  • focuses on developing specific skills
  • provides a supportive learning environment – your child feels comfortable and supported
  • includes strategies to help your child learn new skills and use them in different settings
  • tries to reduce your child’s difficult behaviour by working out what the ‘purpose’ of the behaviour is and then teaching your child more appropriate behaviour
  • prepares and supports your child for the move to school
  • provides your family with support and guidance
  • finds ways of getting your child with disability together with typically developing children (ideally of the same age).

A good intervention involves regular assessment of your child to ensure progress is being made. The gains might be small at first, but it all adds up. If you think your child isn’t making progress, you might need to change or stop the intervention. The Early Intervention Program offers a variety of therapeutic and support services to eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families, including: family education and counseling, home visits, and parent support groups. special instruction. speech pathology and audiology. Early intervention is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. Early intervention focuses on helping eligible babies and toddlers learn the basic and brand-new skills that typically develop during the first three years of life, such as:

  • physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking);
  • cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems);
  • communication (talking, listening, understanding);
  • social/emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy); and
  • self-help (eating, dressing).

Services may also be provided to address the needs and priorities of the child’s family. Family-directed services are meant to help family members understand the special needs of their child and how to enhance his or her development.

Our Main Services:

We provide services for the fundamental growth of your child. Our model is based on ABA – Adaptive Behavior Analysis. We analyse your child and give you an IEP or Individualized Educational Plan. Extensive parent training helps the parents to understand their child and teach life skills for practical life.

Behavior Therapy

Improve child’s concentration and attention span with ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis.

Social Skills Training

Planned social interaction brings the child out of their own world and teaches social skills.

Speech Therapy

Teach speaking through play, art and music.

Reading and Writing Classes

Brain stimulation and special training to dyslexic, slow learners and kids with learning disabilities.

Special Education

Kids move to normal school after our training or integrate into NIOS training.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Help Autistic and ADHD children cope with sensory input.

Special Services:

These programs are designed to stimulate children and increase their attention, communication skills and motor skills.

Community Involvement Programs

Involving Community and various stake holders to bring Special children to main stream.

Vocational Training

Computer training and chocolate making training – a first attempt in Mangalore.

Art Therapy

Innovative therapy for Autism, ADHD, Learning disabilities children where we teach the child to focus and improve concentration using the media of art.

Brain Stimulation

Through assessment and planning, we bring the child out of its world and integrate them into our society.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy, a Sensory therapy which works on sensory issues of your child.

Music Therapy

Music helps in brain stimulation of your child especially those with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities

Additional Services:

Family Counselling:
To enhance the quality of family life, family counselling services are provided to both persons with disabilities and their families. Our counsellors and team members make meet parents on regular basis to understand family dynamics and provide appropriate counselling. In addition, we also help build awareness on dealing with persons with disabilities, as well as fostering acceptance and understanding the nature of disabilities

We understand that using public transport is challenging and time-consuming for families. As the next step we have started transportation services with our personal vehicle. We would like to extend these services and have a plan of securing school bus for Arivu.

Training for parents, Students and school teachers:
Arivu has successfully provided training to Social work(MSW) students from Aloysius College and Roshini Nilaya . We conducts training programmes for parents and school teachers to enhance and update technical knowledge. Parents are given step by step knowledge and understanding of their child and how best they can provide better care.