About Us

Arivu is an NGO established by the parents of a child with disability. We believe that Parents and Teachers are the crucial pillars in the overall development of a child.  At Arivu, we aim towards life changing early intervention for children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Down’s syndrome and other special needs by providing therapy and training.

Our Story

Our founder and director Mrs. Poornima Bhat, with 25 plus years of experience, is a Masters graduate in Rehabilitation and Counselling, from Wright State University and worked as a child specialist for special children in New York. On gaining exposure to the latest therapy methods and with a desire to introduce these practises in India, Arivu as a concept was born in 2010. Finally in 2016, it became a reality and since then has trained over 400 children, gaining recognition and creating awareness.

  • Poornima Bhat is the Winner of Homepreneur Award in the Education & Literature category organised by Brand Avatar in September 2019.
  • Arivu Early Intervention Centre won the Inclusivity Champion Award at the Inclusive India Conclave organised by the Headway Foundation in November 2019.
  • Poornima Bhat, Program Director was chosen as Secretary of Disability subcommittee by the DC, Mangalore. She was also invited to be a Disability Committee member of Red Cross. This will help us bring positive changes in the education system.

Watch a snapshot into how Arivu began and how far we have come, from 2016-2019.

What makes us different

Arivu is a one of its kind Early Intervention Center that has designed half day and full day Therapy Programs based on New York Head start Program. The Program is based on Adaptive Behavior Analysis and we admit Special Children with Autism, Learning disabilities, Cerebral palsy, Mental Retardation and other issues under 6 years as well as 6-12 years age. Students are provided all the required therapies and included in group activities like singing, dancing, exercise, etc. This is helpful in Brain simulation and overall emotional development of the child.

Our Main Services

We provide services for the fundamental growth of your child. Our model is based on ABA – Adaptive Behavior Analysis. We analyse your child and give you an IEP or Individualized Educational Plan. Extensive parent training helps the parents to understand their child and teach life skills for practical life.

Behavior Therapy

Improve child’s concentration and attention span with ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis.

Social Skills Training

Planned social interaction brings the child out of their own world and teaches social skills.

Speech Therapy

Teach speaking through play, art and music.

Reading and Writing Classes

Brain stimulation and special training to dyslexic, slow learners and kids with learning disabilities.

Special Education

Kids move to normal school after our training or integrate into NIOS training.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Help Autistic and ADHD children cope with sensory input.

Special Services

Art Therapy

Innovative therapy for Autism, ADHD, Learning disabilities children where we teach the child to focus and improve concentration using the media of art.

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Music Therapy

Music helps in brain stimulation of your child especially those with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities.

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Brain Stimulation

Through assessment and planning, we bring the child out of its world and integrate them into our society.

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Sports Therapy

Sports therapy, a Sensory therapy which works on sensory issues of your child.

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Vocational Training

Computer training and chocolate making training – a first attempt in Mangalore.

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Community Involvement Programs

Involving Community and various stake holders to bring Special children to main stream.

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