Speech Therapy – Small, Group and Individual


Speech therapy is defined as training to help people with speech and language problems. When Behavior problems like hyperactivity, lack of attention, lack of focus, lack of eye contact, lack of memory is present, Behavior Therapy combined with Speech Therapy is found to be most productive.  This method practiced in USA is called as Adaptive Behavior Therapy.

At Arivu, we are experts in providing speech therapy and Behavior Therapy which has helped children especially with Autism, Down syndrome, Mental Retardation and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

We assess and provide therapy to children having no speech to having trouble with communication skills like understanding, talking with others, understanding what they are reading and ability to write structured sentences.  Following are the target areas that we provide therapy for:

  • Inability understanding and using gestures, like pointing, waving, or showing objects to others;
  • Inability following directions;
  • Inability understanding and using words;
  • Inability having day-to-day conversations;
  • Learning to read or write. Or she may read early but without understanding the meaning—called hyperlexia.
  • Repeat words just heard or words heard days or weeks earlier-called echolalia (pronounced ek-o-lay-le-a);
  • Talk with little expression or use a sing-song voice; use tantrums to tell you what he does or does not want

For more information on the above mentioned issues, please check our Educational videos and Informative articles section.