Reading and writing classes for school going children


We understand that all parents look forward to their child’s first step. First word and first writing. Alas according to surveys and research, 20% of the School going children suffer from Learning disabilities which impacts their capability to form words, read and write.  Add to that, the pressure from schools, family and society, the child can develop anxiety, aggressiveness and other counseling issues. CATCH THEM YOUNG is the best strategy for children with Learning disabilities. A child with learning disability can be assessed and diagnosed as early as 4 years.  A set of pointers like lack of concentration, hyperactivity/slow, unable to play with other children, unable to recognize common objects, colors, shapes indicate that the child requires additional support in coping school. Some schools try to integrate children with learning disabilities but lack trained counsellors and Special Educators.

To close this gap, Arivu is providing assessment and academic training to School going children as young as 3 years to as old as 15 years.  The training will be customized as per the child’s issues so that the overall improvement is noticed.

With our Specialized training, a child can integrate into normal class room and even pass 10th standard. We work on improving a child’s focus, concentration and memory power.