Community Involvement Programs

Involving Community and various stake holders to bring Special children to main stream.

Arivu is proud to associate with many stakeholders in the society who are helping Special children integrate in the society. Involving community creates an Ecosystem of Parents, Therapists, Doctors, Government and Community. Following are some of the key associations of Arivu.

  • Karnataka Bank has generously donated for Sensory Park through CSR funds and has been one of our main supporters.
  • MCF has donated for materials.
  • Our key partners are Aloysius College, Roshni Nilaya, MAPS Speech therapy college and Alva’s. We have organised programs jointly with them and they regularly send their students to our centre as interns for professional training.
  • We associated with Lions Club for various programs.

Arivu Organised an IQ testing camp in collaboration with the Govt. Wenlock Hospital on 30th Jan 2019 and the same day was chosen by the State Women and Children’s Welfare department to conduct an inspection of our centre as a first step for providing Disability Cards for the children as well as recognising our centre under the People with Disability (PWD) Act.


To celebrate the Autism Awareness Month in April, an awareness program was organised in collaboration with Vikasana Trust and Laxmi Memorial Nursing College at the Bharat Mall.

April also saw us organising an Art Therapy Camp and a Summer camp for improving social skills and memory.

On 30th August we organised a fancy dress competition to celebrate the spirit of Independence and Janmashtami at the Forum Fiza Mall. The Program was graced by Dr Bharath Shetty, MLA, Mangalore North and other government dignitaries

World Disability Day was celebrated on 3rd December at our centre in collaboration with the City College of Nursing and Vikasana Trust

Arivu conducted a workshop on Autism on the 14th December 2019 and 3rd January 2020 based on Autism 101 online course provided by the Autism Society, USA.


Arivu created employment for disabled youth by teaming up with Maya Chocolate unit and preparing chocolates. It was sold during Dasara, Deepavali and Christmas. Forum mall exhibited Arivu chocolates and it was inaugurated with the blessings of Mangalore South MLA Sri Vedavyas Kamath. The Chocolates were inaugurated by Roshni Nilaya.


Social skills training and Behavior therapy are very important to integrate Autistic, ADHD, learning disabilities and other Special needs children in the society. The best way for a child to learn these skills are to be exposed to society. Mangalore doctors, therapists, media and other understanding people attended our various programs and helped our children learn social skills.

Music therapy, Dance and skits were organised and exhibited during the Programs like Independence Day, Krishnashtami, Sports Day, Annual Day. Many in-house celebrations involving parents like birthday parties and other celebrations were organized. Children love cake cutting and follow the birthday protocols. Arivu campus was visited by Doctors, government officials, therapists, organization heads. The highlight was the visit by Miss and Mrs Mangalore participants in August 2019.