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Arivu is an NGO established by the parents of a child with disability. We believe that Parents and Teachers are the crucial pillars in the overall development of a child.  At ARIVU, we provide therapies and training to children with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, reading and writing issues and Mental Retardation.

Our Story

Watch a snapshot into how Arivu began and how far we have come, from 2016-2019.

What makes us different

Arivu is a one of its kind Early Intervention Center that has designed half day and full day Therapy Programs based on New York Head start Program. The Program is based on Adaptive Behavior Analysis and we admit Special Children with Autism, Learning disabilities, Cerebral palsy, Mental Retardation and other issues under 6 years as well as 6-12 years age. Students are provided all the required therapies and included in group activities like singing, dancing, exercise, etc. This is helpful in Brain simulation and overall emotional development of the child. We are recognised for our:

  • Ankur School Program: Government talks about including slow learners and Learning disabilities children in main stream schools with a Special Educators helping them. Sadly schools lack Specialized Special Educators. It needs to be noted that teaching Autistic children, Slow learners is Skill based and requires extensive training. Arivu Program Director, Poornima Bhat has worked in USA School system and has been trained in Inclusive education. This model has been implemented at Arivu and has benefited more than 150 school children with Autism, Learning disabilities, ADHD and Slow learners from 2016-18. This is the first of its kind Program in Mangalore. At present we are serving school children from 12 schools in and around Mangalore area. Please check our educative articles and videos section.
  • Prateek – Services offered to Special children and adults of all ages: Arivu is one of the very few institutions in Mangalore that provides early intervention services for infants and children with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy and Mental Retardation. We offer Individual services for therapies and small group therapies for social skills development and social inclusion. We offer half day and full day Program which includes required therapies like speech therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, reading and writing training.
  • Mundina Hejje – School inclusion: We have a full-time, multidisciplinary, center-based programme that is proven to successfully integrate infants and young children with Autism, Speech delay, Hyperactivity into mainstream schools. We have been successful in doing this with students who have earlier been denied such schooling or have had adjustment problems.
  • Parent involvement: At Arivu, we insist on more involvement from parents — as much as 80% more as compared to many other institutions. As we are focused on holistic rehabilitation, we involve parents through several initiatives, giving them opportunities to learn vocational skills, therapies, special education etc. in order to empower their children.

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Our Services

Behaviour Therapy – Small, Group and Individual
Behaviour therapy is based on the simple concept of positive reinforcement for desired behaviour...
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Speech Therapy – Small, Group and Individual
Speech therapy is defined as training to help people with speech and language problems. When Behavio...
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Social Skills Training
Social skills Development Social skills are those communication, problem-solving, decision making...
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Special Education
Special education is specially designed instruction, support, and services provided to students with...
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Reading and writing classes for school going children
We understand that all parents look forward to their child's first step. First word and first writin...
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Sensory Integration Therapy(based on Occupational Therapy)
Sensory integration therapy is a new therapy aims to help kids with sensory processing issues (which...
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Understanding Autism
May 2, 2017

Unlike 10 years ago, today we are hearing the word Autism more often. In my Professional experience, Autistic children are the most interesting and complicated people to handle and train as each autistic child is different. Before we use the word Autism liberally we need to understand what is Autism.